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Can I have 2 email servers?

Can you have 2 mail servers So possible if you control all servers, quite unlikely if you want to use commercial providers. The other alternative is to use mail forwarding. You will need different addresses/domains on the "destination" servers, and…

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Can Gmail get iCloud email?

Can you use Gmail for iCloud Gmail can be synchronized with iCloud and other online services. Can I use Gmail as Apple ID Apple allows you to sign up for a new Apple ID using any of your existing email…

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Is Instagram or TikTok worse?

How is TikTok different from other social media TikTok's key differentiator is that the algorithm was built on an “interest graph.” It works using your interests and content that you interact with, capturing your likes and dislikes and associating you…

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How popular is BTS in the USA?

How popular is BTS in the US BTS were one of two artists to sell half a million copies of an album in the US. According to Nielsen Music's annual report, only two albums racked up at least 500,000 sales…