How do I store photos for long term storage?

Where can I put my photos if my storage is full

All you have to do is save your photos to Dropbox and they're immediately backed up to the cloud from your iPhone, Android, Windows, or Mac and accessible across your devices.

Can I backup my photos to iCloud

When you turn on iCloud Photos, your photos and videos automatically upload to iCloud. They're not duplicated in your iCloud backup, so you should keep backup copies of your library. Use the steps below to download copies of your photos and videos to your Mac or PC. Or you can import your library to your Mac or PC.

How to save photos from iPhone

Connect your iPhone or iPad to your Mac with a USB cable. Open the Photos app on your computer. The Photos app shows an Import screen with all the photos and videos that are on your connected device. If the Import screen doesn't automatically appear, click the device's name in the Photos sidebar.

How do I organize thousands of photos for storage

Best Way to Organize Photos in 2023Gather All of Your Files into One Location.Create a Folder Structure for Digital Photo Organizing.Decide on a System and Rename Your Files.Check for Photo Duplicates.Cull Your Unwanted Photos.Convert Your Non-Digital Photographs.Use Dedicated Software to Manage Your Digital Photos.

Where has unlimited photo storage

Amazon Photos

If you're a member of Amazon Prime, you can enjoy unlimited full-resolution photo cloud storage.

Can I delete my photos on my phone but keep them in iCloud

If Optimize iPhone Storage is enabled, you'll see an option asking if you want to transfer a copy of the iCloud Photos folder onto your phone. You can choose either Remove from iPhone or Download Photos & Videos, but no matter what you choose, the iCloud originals will remain intact.

What happens if you don’t backup photos to iCloud

However, if you turn iCloud photos off on your phone, your iPhone's Camera Roll will lose any images that weren't created on that device (if you haven't downloaded them already, that is). Images taken on your iPad, for example, will no longer show in your iPhone's Camera Roll and vice versa.

What is the best way to store photos from an iPhone

Store your photos and videos in iCloudTap Settings > [your name] > iCloud > Photos.Tap Sync this iPhone. In iOS 15 or earlier, tap to turn on iCloud Photos.Select Optimize iPhone Storage to save space on your device.

What’s the best way to store photos

6 Best Ways to Store PhotosDon't Rely on Storing Images on Memory Cards.Store Your Photos on External Hard Drives.Backup Your Photos on the Cloud.Save Your Photos as Email Attachments.Go Old School and Burn Your Photos to CD.Print Your Favorite Photos and Put Them on Display.

How do I organize my 50 years of photos

Sort chronologically

Start by sorting the photos chronologically. Any other sorting option is just too confusing and crazy-making. Think big picture by dividing first into two piles according to century. Next, sort each pile by decade—even if that requires a wild guess—and so on until you have them in general order.

How do you organize a lifetime of photos

Here's how to organize photos for future generationsStep 1: Sort, organize, and purge. Credit: Getty Images / kcslagle.Step 2: Label your photos. Credit: Stabilo.Step 3: Scan. Credit: Getty Images / Egoitz Bengoetxa Iguaran.Step 4: Make backups.Step 5: Share and display.Step 6: Store your photos.Step 7: Enjoy!

Where to store 50 GB photos

11 Best Free Photo Storage AppsDropbox.Google Photos.iCloud.Internxt Photos.pCloud.Flickr.Amazon (Prime) Photos.Microsoft OneDrive.

What is forever photo storage

One permanent place to store and share all your digital memories. Pay once for secure cloud storage and you own it — FOREVER®.

How long do deleted photos stay in iCloud

30 days

When you delete a photo or video from Photos on, it's also deleted from all your devices that have iCloud Photos turned on. If you change your mind, you have 30 days to recover it before it's permanently deleted.

Will all my photos be deleted if I turn off iCloud photos

Turn off iCloud Photos in iCloud and all of your devices

Photos and videos stored in iCloud will be deleted 30 days after you stop using the service.

How long do photos stay in iCloud

Photos stored in iClouds photo stream are only stored for up to 30 days and up to 1000 photos (whichever you reach first). You should save any photos you want to keep to your photo roll or iPhoto within the 30 days allocated.

Can you save photos without iCloud

Step 1: Download Google Drive to your iPhone and log in to your Google Drive account. Step 2: Click the icon in the upper menu bar and choose “Settings”. Step 3: Choose “Backup” and “Photos & videos”. Then click “START BACKUP” and the photos are backed up to Google Drive.

Are iPhone photos saved forever

Photos are stored there for 30 days and then deleted from your devices and iCloud. iCloud is not permanent storage nor is it true off device storage. iCloud is really a syncing service, not archival storage.

How should I store 30 years of photos

If you sort chronologically, photo storage boxes or a photo book might be what you need. A pretty scrapbook will allow you to add some personality and really tell a story as you create a keepsake that will be treasured for years to come. Glassine envelopes are also a good option.

How do you store 100 year old photos

Use preservation-quality folders and boxes that are large enough to fully enclose and support the photographs. Avoid using acidic cardboard shoe boxes! Photographs in poor condition or that have special value can be individually stored in stable plastic sleeves made from preservation-quality polyester or polyethylene.

How much is 100 GB of storage for photos

Not only will it give you 100GB of storage space (that's enough for over 30,000 photos, or more than 28,000 songs, or approximately 250,000 files!) but it will keep them safe and protected, thanks to its military-grade 256 AES encryption.

What is the best way to store a lifetime photos

6 Best Ways to Store PhotosDon't Rely on Storing Images on Memory Cards.Store Your Photos on External Hard Drives.Backup Your Photos on the Cloud.Save Your Photos as Email Attachments.Go Old School and Burn Your Photos to CD.Print Your Favorite Photos and Put Them on Display.

How to store 10 000 photos

Google Photos

If you have an Android phone, you'll probably find the Google service, Photos preinstalled on your device. If you set up a Google account and use it, you will have access to a versatile cloud storage system that offers unlimited photo storage.

Are files deleted from iCloud gone forever

On, you can recover files deleted from both iCloud Drive and other apps within the last 30 days, whether you deleted them on or another device that has iCloud Drive turned on. However, you can't recover or restore files you permanently remove.

Can iCloud see permanently deleted photos

If you have iCloud Photo Library turned on, your photos are probably also stored in iCloud. This means that you can often recover permanently deleted photos by simply downloading them from iCloud again.