Is iPhone 14 Pro better than iPhone 14?

Is iPhone 14 Pro more worth it than iPhone 14

It will only be worth getting the ‌iPhone 14‌ over the ‌iPhone 14 Pro‌ if you want a lighter device, do not care for the "Pro" rear camera setup or features like ProMotion and the always-on display, or cannot afford the $200 to upgrade to the high-end model.

What’s the difference between iPhone 14 Pro and just 14

The iPhone 14 has an f/1.5 main lens and an f/2.4 ultra-wide. The iPhone 14 Pro has an f/1.78 main, f/2.2 ultra-wide, and f/2.8 telephoto lens. The iPhone 14 Pro wins out in other areas. It can take photos up to 48MP, while the iPhone 14 only hits 12MP.

Is it worth switching to iPhone 14 Pro

This is good news as we'd easily recommend picking up the iPhone 14 Pro over an iPhone 14 or iPhone 13 Pro. There are always features that end up being hyped by Apple, but end up underwhelming as you use the device.

Is iPhone 14 Pro good enough

The iPhone 14 Pro is an excellent phone, even if it's not necessarily a huge upgrade from the iPhone 13 Pro. If you're coming from an older model – maybe an 11 Pro or one of the non-Pro phones – then the differences can be stark.

Is it worth getting the 14 Pro over the 14

If you're willing to spend more and you want a more impressive camera, as well as access to features like Dynamic Island, you're best going with the Pro model. However, our testing found that these devices feel very similar to use and that the iPhone 14 still packs a great camera.

Which iPhone 14 has the best camera

iPhone 14 Pro

With the stabilization and ultra-wide lens, it's quite the feature. The iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max are the clear winners for the best iPhone camera award. If you want the best viewing experience, then go for the Max. If you like a smaller phone, the iPhone 14 Pro is for you.

Is the iPhone 14 Pro waterproof

While the iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Plus, iPhone Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max are all water-resistant, they are not fully waterproof. While these words sound interchangeable, they aren't. Each iPhone 14 model is IP68 certified per the IEC standard number 60529.

How long should iPhone 14 Pro last

iPhone 14 Pro Max Battery Life

Phone Audio Playback Video Playback
iPhone 14 Pro Up to 75 hours Up to 23 hours
iPhone 14 Pro Max Up to 75 hours Up to 29 hours

13 thg 10, 2022

Is the iPhone 14 Pro faster

But it's not slow either still a very respectable. Device overall. So not bad there we're gonna go ahead now and take it over to 3dmark. And we'll do a wildlife extreme test.

How long will my iPhone 14 Pro last

iPhone 14 Pro Max Battery Life

Phone Audio Playback Video Streaming
iPhone 14 Pro Up to 75 hours Up to 20 hours
iPhone 14 Pro Max Up to 75 hours Up to 20 hours

13 thg 10, 2022

Is iPhone 14 worth buying

iPhone 14 vs.

If you're using an iPhone 11, we recommend upgrading to an iPhone 14 (or even an iPhone 13). In the last three or so years, Apple has made enough changes to features including battery life, performance, screen quality, cameras and durability to merit buying a new iPhone.

Which iPhone is best in iPhone 14

Best iPhone Overall: iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max

Regardless of their high price, the iPhone 14 Pro models have several upgrades and features over their predecessors. They offer better value for money, especially if you hold on to your iPhone for the long run.

Can I shower with iPhone 14 Pro

Conclusion. In conclusion, it's not advisable to take your iPhone 14 in the shower. Even if it is waterproof, there is still a chance that it could be damaged by the water or steam. If you want to stay connected to your phone while you're in the shower, consider using a wireless speaker or Bluetooth headset instead.

Does the iPhone 14 Pro have bad battery life

According to many users, the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max's battery health is specifically an issue compared to previous models. The tweet above is one example of a user who upgrades every year and noticed that the battery health of the 14 is around 6 per cent less than it usually is in June.

Which phone can beat iPhone 14 Pro

The Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra has managed to defeat the iPhone 14 Pro Max in speed test in Lap 1. Check the result here. 4/6 Samsung uses a new 200MP camera sensor and a wider OIS tech on the Galaxy S23 Ultra, promising better photography. Cameras on the Galaxy S23 and Galaxy S23 Plus remain unchanged.

Why are iPhone 14 Pro so hard to get

Due to production issues at Apple supplier factories in China, the iPhone 14 Pro and ‌iPhone 14 Pro‌ Max are backordered and basically out of stock at every store.

Does the iPhone 14 Pro lose battery fast

Like the iPhone 13 series, the iPhone 14 series supports 5G connectivity and it could drain your battery much faster than LTE. If you don't need to use 5G or you don't need to use it all the time, head into your iPhone 14's settings. There are a few 5G settings you'll want to commit to your memory bank.

Is iPhone 14 not selling well

Investment analyst firm JP Morgan reports that overall the iPhone 14 family is selling better at this stage than its predecessors, with signs of more users than normal for January switching from Android.

Is iPhone 14 Pro worth buying in 2023

so that's always been something that kind of stood out to me. but I definitely do think something like the iPhone 14 pro sits in a good spot in terms of battery life now to answer the question is the iPhone 14 pro still worth buying in 2023. the answer is yes clearly. it's still worth buying there's no kind of secret.

What is the least popular iPhone 14

iPhone 14 Plus

That's despite evidence suggesting that the iPhone 14 Plus is the least popular model in the current series. Although the iPhone 14 Plus appears to be doing a lot better than the iPhone 13 mini, it's far behind the iPhone 14 Pro Max, which takes a 36% share of overall panel shipments for the series.

Does iPhone 14 Pro heat

A ZDNet report highlighted how iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Mac are experiencing heating issues and crashing after upgrading to iOS 16.4. 1. After wireless charging, the device touched temperatures of 39.1 degree Celsius.

Does iPhone 14 or 14 Pro have better battery life

Both devices offer what Apple calls “all-day battery life.” According to Apple's specs, the iPhone 14 can manage 20 hours of video playback from a single charge, a one-hour improvement over the iPhone 13. The iPhone 14 Pro is rated for 23 hours, also up one hour from the iPhone 13 Pro.

Is iPhone 14 Pro the fastest phone

While iPhone 14 Pro Max earned the crown for speed in Q3 with a median of 147 Mbps download speed and 17 Mbps upload speed, Apple's flagship lost that title in Q4. It turns out Samsung and Google's latest devices were able to beat it in Q1 this year as well.

Is iPhone 14 Pro the fastest

The iPhone 14 Pro and its A16 Bionic processor netted 1,021 on the Geekbench ML test, 59.55fps on the GFXBench Aztec Ruins test, and 3,368 on the 3DMark Wildlife Extreme test. Simply put, the iPhone 14 Pro is among the fastest phones on the market.

Is the iPhone 14 Pro easy to break

The biggest takeaway is that both the iPhone 14 Plus and 14 Pro Max were severely cracked or shattered after the first drop, where the iPhones 12 and 13 proved to be some of Apple's most durable phones and didn't have severe damage until the second or third drop.