Is Scopus and ScienceDirect the same?

Is ScienceDirect same as Scopus

Content: Scopus covers a wide range of scientific literature, including peer-reviewed journals, conference proceedings, books, and patents from > 7.000 publishers globally. ScienceDirect, on the other hand, focuses mainly on scholarly journals and books published by Elsevier .

What is the difference between Elsevier and ScienceDirect

ScienceDirect is one of the subsidiaries of Elsevier, the world's largest scientific publisher. It is operated by the Anglo-Dutch publisher Elsevier.

Is Elsevier a SCI or Scopus

Scopus is an indexing database/service that belongs to Elsevier. ScienceDirect is a full-text database platform that belongs to Elsevier, and much of its contents consisted with the publications published by Elsevier. Scopus indexes some journals published by Elsevier.

Is Scopus and Elsevier same

Since Elsevier is the owner of Scopus and is also one of the main international publishers of scientific journals, an independent and international Scopus Content Selection and Advisory Board (CSAB) was established in 2009 to prevent a potential conflict of interest in the choice of journals to be included in the …

How do I know if my journal is SCI or SCI

Search for the journal title. If the result indicates "Web of Science Core Collection: Science Citation Index, "Web of Science Core Collection: Science Citation Index Expanded" or "Social Sciences Citation Index" it means that the journal is indexed in SCI, SCIE, or SSCI, respectively.

What is equivalent to Scopus

Alternatives to ScopusMendeley.EndNote.Zotero.ReadCube'd.Web of Science.

Does Elsevier own Scopus

Scopus is Elsevier's abstract and citation database launched in 2004.

Is Elsevier a SCI journal

It is a twice-per-month international journal publishing high-quality peer-reviewed research on a broad range of natural sciences and high-tech fields, with an emphasis on originality and scientific relevance.

How do I find SCI or Scopus indexed journals

Simple Step-by-Step Guide to Search Scopus Indexed Journals 2023Visit the Scopus website ( on the “Sources” tab located in the top menu bar.On the Sources page, you can either use the basic search option or the advanced search option to find journals.

Is Elsevier and Scopus same or different

Scopus—an abstract and citation database hosted by Elsevier Publishers including hundreds of medical journal articles.

Are all Elsevier journals SCI indexed

No. Out of the 2809 active journals that Elsevier publishes, 1914 journals are indexed in Scopus.

Which is better Elsevier or Scopus

Elsevier is a publisher, and Scopus is article database provided by Elsevier. Not all journal from Elsevier is indexed in Scopus, and not all articles in Scopus come from Elsevier's journals. Scopus is more general, could from journal from other publishing companies.

Is Scopus different from Elsevier

Scopus—an abstract and citation database hosted by Elsevier Publishers including hundreds of medical journal articles.

Is Scopus better than Google Scholar

Web of Science and Scopus both have “some” proceedings and books but they are mainly covering journal articles. Book coverage – Google Scholar excels at this way more than the others as it covers Google Books content along with other freely-accessible online publications.