Which is Asia's largest smart city?

Which is Asia’s smartest city

Singapore is officially the smartest city in Asia. That's according to the just-published 2023 Smart City Index by Swiss business school Institute for Management Development (IMD), which ranks 141 cities by how they use technology to address the challenges they face to achieve a higher quality of life.

Which is the first smart city in Asia

Shanghai, China

During the first China International Import Expo, Shanghai focused on smart mobility and implemented sensors to accept smartphone traffic cards in all metro stations and buses to increase efficiency in the city.

What is the biggest smart city

The top 10 smart cities in the worldSingapore. Singapore was elected the smartest city in the world.Helsinki. The capital of Finland became the second smartest city in the world.Zurich.Auckland.Oslo.Copenhagen.Geneva.Taipei City.

What are the biggest smart cities in the world

The Smartest City in the World: London, England. London is a tech hub in Europe, so it is not surprising that it is one of the smartest cities in the world.Zurich, Switzerland. For Zurich, it all started with smart streetlights.Taipei City, Taiwan.New York City, USA.Barcelona, Spain.Singapore.Paris, France.Oslo, Norway.

Which country has the highest IQ in Southeast Asia

Here are the 10 countries with the highest IQ:Singapore – 105.89.Hong Kong – 105.37.China – 104.1.South Korea – 102.35.Belarus – 101.6.Finland – 101.2.Liechtenstein – 101.07.Germany – 100.74.

What is the 1 smartest country

Ranked by Average IQ Scores

Ranking Country IQ Test Score Average
1 Japan 106.5
1 Taiwan 106.5
3 Singapore 105.9
4 Hong Kong 105.4

What is the 1st largest city in Asia

Largest Cities In Asia By Population

Rank City Metro Population (Millions)
1 Tokyo 38.2
2 Delhi 27.1
3 Shanghai 25.2
4 Beijing 22.0

Which is the fastest developing city in Asia

According to Oxford Economics, Bengaluru is projected to most likely continue to outperform its Asia Pacific and Indian peers in terms of growth in 2023, with the information and communication sector as the main driver.

Is Tokyo the smartest city in world

Tokyo has topped a list of the world's most innovative cities after performing strongly in the areas of technology application, digital capability and pandemic performance.

Is Singapore a smart city or not

Smart cities use technology and innovation to improve the urban environment – leading to improved quality of life, greater prosperity and sustainability, and engaged and empowered citizens. Singapore, home to the Global Centre, has been consistently recognised as a leading smart city.

Which country has most smart cities


1. Singapore. Topping most lists when it comes to smart cities is often Singapore. Since launching its Smart Nation initiative in 2014, Singapore has introduced a wide range of smart technologies in both its public and private sectors.

What is the IQ of Vietnam

Vietnamese took ninth place on a list of countries and territories with the highest average intelligence quotient (IQ), with its average score of 109.37, according to the 2022 Worldwide IQ test results released by Finnish enterprise Wiqtcom Inc.

What is the highest IQ in Asia

The few above an IQ of 140 are considered geniuses. Japan with an average IQ of 106.49 tops the list followed by Taiwan (106.57), Singapore (105.89), Hong Kong (105.37) and China (104.10).

What is the 2nd smartest country

Ranked: The 25 Smartest Countries In The World

Ranking Country Average IQ
1 Singapore 107.1
2 China 105.8
3 Hong Kong 105.7
4 South Korea 104.6

What is the top 10 smartest country

Here are the 10 countries with the highest IQs:Singapore – 105.89.Hong Kong – 105.37.China – 104.1.South Korea – 102.35.Belarus – 101.6.Finland – 101.2.Liechtenstein – 101.07.Germany – 100.74.

What is the 2nd richest city in Asia

List of The Top 10 Richest Cities in AsiaTokyo, Japan. Tokyo is the capital of Japan and the richest city in Asia.Shanghai, China. Shanghai is the second wealthiest city in Asia.Beijing, China.Seoul, South Korea.Mumbai, India.Osaka, Japan.Shenzhen, China.Hong Kong, China.

What is Asia’s largest city


Tokyo, in Japan, is the world's largest metropolitan area by population. The population of the given cities are obtained from five sources: Cities.

Which is Asia’s largest planned city

CIDCO drafted a development plan for Navi Mumbai, which included a 343.70 square kilometer territory stretching from Thane to Raigad. Further, the plan was officially approved by the Government of Maharashtra in August 1979.

Which is the No 1 biggest city in Asia


Tokyo, in Japan, is the world's largest metropolitan area by population.

Are the Japanese the smartest

It's fairly understandable why Japan would be considered the smartest country, given that they ranked fifth for educational success and sixth in the world for the average IQ. We're also not surprised, given that Japanese grad students recently solved a 2,000-year-old mathematical problem.

Is Japan smarter than the US

If you take IQ as a measure of 'smartness' — which is not an especially well defined term — then Japanese IQs are 5 to 10% higher than US IQs, depending on which study you're looking at.

What rank is Singapore in smart city

seventh smartest

Singapore Is Asia's Smartest City, Zurich Tops World's Smart City Index 2023. According to the latest update by the 2023 Smart City Index, Singapore is the smartest city in Asia and the seventh smartest city in the world.

Why is Singapore the world’s smartest city

Overall, Singapore's success as a smart city can be attributed to its ability to leverage technology to improve the quality of life for its citizens, while also prioritizing sustainability and efficient governance.

Which country in Southeast Asia has the highest IQ

In 2023, the average IQ of Cambodians is 99.75. Japan has the highest average, at 106.48, followed by Taiwan. Singapore places third in the world, and number one in Southeast Asia. The review placed Cambodia one place ahead of Canada and several above the UK, US and France.

What is Japan IQ

Countries Ranked by Intelligence

# Country Average IQ
1 Japan 106.48
2 Taiwan 106.47
3 Singapore 105.89
4 Hong Kong 105.37