Is Y =- 5 a horizontal line?

Is Y =- 5 a vertical or horizontal line

horizontal line

y = − 5 is a horizontal line that crosses the -axis at -5. x = − 2 is a vertical line that crosses the -axis at -2.

Is Y =- 2 vertical or horizontal

An Example of Graphing a Horizontal Line

Observe, the y-column is populated with the same value of –2. Graphing these points in the x y xy xy-axis, we have a horizontal line parallel to the x-axis and passing through the point ( 0 , – 2 ) \left( {0, – 2} \right) (0,–2).

Is Y =- 3 a horizontal line

1 Answer. The slope is zero. This is a perfectly horizontal line passing through y=−3 . It is neither increasing nor decreasing so its slope must be zero.

Is Y =- 9 horizontal or vertical

y=9 is the equation of a horizontal line. The slope is 0. This means that for any value of x that is chosen, the y-value is always 9 Hence y=9 .

Is Y =- 7 horizontal or vertical

Answer and Explanation:

The graph of y = 7 is a horizontal line.

Is Y =- 4 a horizontal or vertical line

Answer and Explanation:

We are asked to describe the graph of the equation y = 4. Is the equation a function The graph of the equation y=4 is a horizontal line. It is function since each x is mapped to one y or each element of the domain is mapped to only one element of the range.

Is Y =- 8 horizontal or vertical

Therefore, the line described by the equation y=−8 must be horizontal.

What type of line is Y =- 4

So if we had 3x y would be 4. If we had 1x y would be 4.. And if we had negative 5x y would be 4.. So these points will all be on the line for the equation of y equals 4. So let's graph.

What type of line is Y =- 7

Answer and Explanation:

The graph of y = 7 is a horizontal line.