Who is the least strongest Straw Hat?

Who is the least powerful Straw Hat


Usopp remains to be the weakest member of the Straw Hat Pirates.

Who is the kindest Straw Hat

1) Tony Tony Chopper

There are numerous other instances in the series where he demonstrates his kindness, all of which have a feel that is comparable to what he did in Onigashima. Chopper is without a doubt the most kind Straw Hat Pirate in One Piece.

Who is the most beautiful Straw Hat

As always, Nico Robin is one of the best-looking Straw Hats even in the Onigashima section of the Wano Country arc. For the Raid, Robin chose to wear a white kunoichi outfit with a daffodil pattern all over it.

Is Sanji the weakest Straw Hat

Sanji will always be the 3rd place in the Straw Hats, regardless of who joins, he is after all one of the Wings that will make the Pirate King soar. In One Piece, is Sanji stronger than his brothers, Ichiji, Niji and Yonji

Who are the 3 weakest Straw Hats

Every Straw Hat Pirate, Ranked According To Strength10 Usopp.9 Nami.8 Brook.7 Franky.6 Tony Tony Chopper.5 Nico Robin.4 Jinbe.3 Sanji.

Is Zoro a vice captain

Zoro is only the unofficial Vice-Captain of the crew

The role of the Vice-Captain isn't given to the strongest member of the crew.

Who is the coolest Straw Hat pirate

Every Straw Hat In One Piece, Ranked By Coolness1 Franky Embodies The Coolest Aspects Of The One Piece Universe.2 Robin Was A Woman Of International Mystery.3 Zoro Is Effectively An Action Hero.4 Luffy Is The Life Of The Party.5 Usopp Was An Everyman People Could Relate To.6 Jimbei Is Cool Due To His History.

What is Sanji’s worst fear

Sanji, while very brave, is not completely without fear. In the Jaya Arc, he was terrified alongside Nami at the spiders and huge insects, showing he may have arachnophobia and entomophobia. Sanji was also terrified of the Okama that fought and chased him for two years.

Who is the fastest Straw Hat

One Piece: Every Member Of The Straw Hat Pirates, Ranked By Speed1 Sanji. The cook of the Straw Hat Pirates, Sanji is one of the fastest members of the Straw Hat crew, if not the fastest.2 Monkey D. Luffy.3 Roronoa Zoro.4 Brook.5 Nami.6 Chopper.7 Jinbe.8 Usopp.

Is Nami the weakest

Nami is, quite possibly, the weakest member of the Straw Hat Pirates physically, however, her acquisition of Zeus has made her stronger than before. In Wano, Nami was just as bad as Usopp, however, thanks to the homie, she was able to perform better. She has a bounty of 366 million berries on her head.

Is Sanji weaker than King

Sanji's new buffs deff scales above Kings in many ways. Sanji shows the same feats as King but arguably more impressive in every category.

Who loved Zoro

Who is Zoro girlfriend in one piece Roronoa zoro's current love is only his swords and his sword style. But in series it has been observed that he is interested in tashigi because of his similarity to his childhood friend kuina.

What Robin calls Zoro

Another one of Robin's unique characteristic is the way she calls her fellow crew members by their own distinct characteristics. Zoro as Mr. Swordsman, Nami as Miss Navigator, Usopp as Mr. Long Nose, and so forth.

Which Straw Hat is most loyal to Luffy

Every Straw Hat Pirate is, without a doubt, loyal to their captain, and they will offer their lives for him in a heartbeat. Of course, fans can be certain that Luffy will definitely do the same. That said, there is one crew member who stands above the rest in terms of loyalty to Luffy: Roronoa Zoro.

Who is the fastest Straw Hat pirate

Similarly, there are those who rely on speed to get the better of their opponents in battle, in a different but equally effective way.8 Usopp.7 Jinbe.6 Chopper.5 Nami.4 Brook.3 Roronoa Zoro.2 Monkey D. Luffy.1 Sanji.

Who is the weakest Vinsmoke


Yonji also has a great deal of physical strength. He can use his arm to crush his opponents quite easily. Out of all the Vinsmoke siblings, he is the weakest.

What is the IQ of Sanji

Sanji – 120. he s intelligent but not a scientist; Brook – 110.

Who is the youngest Straw Hat


Well, Chopper is actually the youngest Straw Hat, and he is periodically treated as such. It is not unusual for Chopper to be babied by characters such as Robin and Zoro. His birthday is December 24th, Christmas Eve, which reflects the cold climate he comes from and the fact that he was originally a reindeer.

Is Sanji weaker than Zoro

While Zoro is still stronger than Sanji, the gap between their strengths is not as large as many fans believe. In fact, Oda has highlighted the small gap between the two numerous times. Another indicator of the small gap between Sanji and Zoro is the bounties of their opponents.

Who is most loyal to Luffy

Roronoa Zoro

Every Straw Hat Pirate is, without a doubt, loyal to their captain, and they will offer their lives for him in a heartbeat. Of course, fans can be certain that Luffy will definitely do the same. That said, there is one crew member who stands above the rest in terms of loyalty to Luffy: Roronoa Zoro.

Who is the 3rd strongest Straw Hat

3 Sanji. Because Sanji is limited to his feet in battle, the Straw Hat is ranked third on his list of crew mates. After picking up the chef as an addition to their group, Luffy and the others got to know Sanji as one of the strongest members of their ship.

Is Sanji still weaker than his brothers

Sanji is the third son of the Vinsmokes and also the strongest among them. He is able to fight on equal or superior terms with all of them, and that's without using a raid suit to augment his abilities.

Can King beat Zoro

In conclusion, the two are very comparable when they're using their power boosts and King has a massive edge in 'base form'. Zoro won the fight not because he has way more raw power, but because he is a better tactician and pure swordsman with less gimmicks to exploit.

Who loves Nico Robin

Unlike Nami, there isn't an obvious love interest

In particular, her possible love interests include the likes of Luffy and Sanji.

Who has a crush on Luffy

At least two have fallen in love with him, Alvida and Hancock, whilst another two have become enamoured with him, Rebecca and Shirahoshi. Nami, Robin and Vivi all share close and deep bonds with Luffy and have become some of his closest friends.