How can I activate my SIM after not using long time?

How can I recover data from my deactivated SIM card

Tutorial on how to retrieve data from SIM card:Step 1: Install SIM Data Recovery App.Step 2: Connect SIM Card to the PC.Step 3: Recover Deleted Data from SIM Card.Step 1: Download SIM Card Recover & Manager.Step 2: Export Contacts to SD Card.Step 3: Import Deleted Contacts.Step 1: Download this SIM Card Repair Software.

Does Vietnam have eSIM

All big mobile network operators in Vietnam, consisting of Viettel, Vinaphone, MobiFone, and Vietnamobile are offering eSIM.

Can iPhone use 2 SIM cards

All iPhone models that support eSIM can have multiple eSIMs and use Dual SIM with two active SIMs at the same time. You can use Dual SIM by using a physical SIM and an eSIM. iPhone 13 models and later also support two active eSIMs. iPhone models without a physical SIM tray support two active eSIMs.

How many SIM cards can you have in the iPhone 13

You can use Dual SIM with the following: iPhone XR, iPhone XS, iPhone 11, iPhone 12, iPhone 13, iPhone SE (3rd generation), and iPhone 14 (purchased outside the U.S.); these models can use one physical SIM and one eSIM. iPhone 13, iPhone SE (3rd generation), and later; these models can use two eSIMs.

Can a deactivated SIM be reactivated

Once the sim is deactivated, the same number is recycled and becomes available in the market for a new user. In case you forgot about your secondary sim, and it has been 90 days of non-usage, do not worry! You still get a grace period of 15 days (about 2 weeks) to reactivate your sim.

Can I reactivate an old SIM card

It can't be reactivated. you need to request a new one from your provider and ask for your old number to be transfered to it. You will of course be required to verify who you are etc. One caveat to this would be if it was a pay as you go sim then all you need do it top it up in the usual way.

How much is eSIM in Vietnam

Vietnam 1 GB eSIM for 7 days, costing 4.50 USD – very popular with Phone Travel Wiz readers. Vietnam 2 GB eSIM for 10 days, costing 7 USD – most popular with Phone Travel Wiz readers. Vietnam 3 GB eSIM for 30 days, costing 9.50 USD.

Where can I get an eSIM in Vietnam

Top 5 Best eSIM Providers for Vietnam TravelBest Vietnam eSIM providers for tourists.GIGAGO – Best Vietnam eSIM providers at local rates.Vietnam eSIM by WHIZ.Airalo – Vietnam eSIM provider.Holafly – Vietnam eSIM provider.Nomad – Vietnam tourist eSIM provider.

How do I activate Dual SIM on my iPhone

When you're finished tap. Done. If you want to make changes to a line or turn it off you can tap it for more. Options. Now we'll show you how to use dual SIM.

How to activate eSIM

To download your eSIM profile on your Android device, you may receive an “activation code” from an eSIM carrier. The activation code is in fact a download link. It is often in the format of a QR code that you will scan with the camera of your phone or tablet to install and activate your eSIM profile on your device.

Can I put old SIM card in iPhone 13

Yes, you can. If you do not need the data on your old iPhone, you can just transfer SIM card to new iPhone so you can get network connection.

Will my old SIM work in a iPhone 13

iPhone 13 models and earlier also have a SIM tray for a nano-SIM card—you can use a nano-SIM card from a carrier. iPhone 13 models support Dual eSIM. You can set up a cellular data plan with an eSIM with certain iPad models.

Do SIM cards expire if not used

SIM cards have an expiration date that varies depending on the carrier's policies. An inactive SIM card usually expires after approximately 90 to 180 days. Once a SIM card expires, the associated phone number may be given to someone else, and the user may lose any balance or data stored on it.

How long can a SIM card be inactive

which the number will be disconnected after 20 days of inactivity. This means, if you dont make or recieve any outgoing or incoming calls within 20 days, your mobile number can be re-alloted. Previously, one could go upto 180 days without recharging, which was later reduced to 90 days in 2010.

How do I activate my old number

Check Your Old Phone Number AvailabilityKnow when your phone number was deactivated.Attempt to call/contact the number.Contact your service provider.Request a reactivation of your old phone number.Wait for your provider to reactivate the number.

Which eSIM is best in Vietnam

Top 5 Best eSIM Providers for Vietnam TravelBest Vietnam eSIM providers for tourists.GIGAGO – Best Vietnam eSIM providers at local rates.Vietnam eSIM by WHIZ.Airalo – Vietnam eSIM provider.Holafly – Vietnam eSIM provider.Nomad – Vietnam tourist eSIM provider.

How to get eSIM for free

How do I get a free eSIM phone numberDownload the free Hushed app (via the App Store or Google Play)Select “Add Number”Tap “Get a Free Three-Day Number”Choose a Canada or U.S. phone number in 300+ area codes.Tap “Claim” to secure your free eSIM phone number.

Can I have an eSIM from another country

Purchase a pre-paid data eSIM from a worldwide service provider. Many worldwide service providers offer pre-paid data plans. These plans allow you to stay connected at home or in over 190 countries and regions when you're travelling.

How do I enable Dual SIM

Enabling Dual SIM reachability

Find and tap Settings > Network & Internet > SIM cards or Dual SIM > Dual SIM reachability. Drag the slider beside Dual SIM reachability to the right. The phone numbers of the two inserted SIM cards are entered automatically.

What to do if Dual SIM with a SIM isn t working on your iPhone

Make sure that you install both nano-SIM cards correctly

Make sure that you close the SIM tray completely, so that it isn't loose. Open Control Centre and make sure that both service providers appear in the status bar. Go to Settings > Mobile Data or Settings > Cellular and make sure that you can see both plans.

Can eSIM be activated abroad

eSIM data plans provided by operators like Ubigi offer flexible and seamless connectivity capabilities wherever you are in the world. Once your eSIM profile is installed on your device, it is always there and ready to use. You just need to buy a data plan that covers the country where you will be going.

Can you activate eSIM by yourself

Setting up your eSIM is usually just a matter of turning on your new iPhone and following the onscreen instructions. You can activate your eSIM while you're setting up your iPhone if your carrier supports eSIM Carrier Activation or eSIM Quick Transfer.

What happens if I put an old SIM card in my iPhone

Final thoughts. In summary, when you put your SIM card in another phone, the only data that will be transferred is your own phone number and possibly a few text messages and contacts saved on the SIM card. The rest of your data, including photos, videos, and other files, will remain on your old phone.

Can I use SIM card from old iPhone

Phone. Well it depends which phone you guys had from before however see this sim card this little one that's the one that we need. So this is a nano sim.

What happens if a SIM is not used for years

What happens if a SIM is not used for years If a local SIM card is not used for a long time, it is blocked (suspended). For example, a local SIM card will be suspended if there is no top-up or call/SMS/data activity recorded for several months or a year.