What did England look like 10 000 years ago?

What public view about artists was shared by the French and the English

Keywords: Both countries, public interest, national stature, achievement in arts. Explanation – As per the French and the English sharings, public view about artists was that artist success raised a country's international profile. Here, the national stature and achievement indicate success in art.

Why did artists go to France

The city's art schools, museums, and exhibition spaces, along with the popular attitude that the arts were an integral part of everyday life, attracted painters, sculptors, and architects from around the world.

Who is a famous French speaking painter

Claude Monet is seen today as one of the best known French painters. He first began his artistic journey by emulating the work of realist artists such as Gustave Courbet.

Why did France buy the Mona Lisa

Leonardo left the paintings to his apprentice Salai in his will. Salai sold them to a representative of the king (kings don't buy and sell). Francois gazed on them lost in admiration until the day he died. After the French Revolution, they became the property of the Republic which is how they ended up in the Louvre.

Why was Paris so popular in the 1920s

Another major factor was that in the 1920s Paris was the creative center of most of the world, and the city attracted a variety of authors, composers, visual artists and dancers of almost every race and ethnic background from around the world.

What is France most known for

What Is France Famous for and What Makes It So SpecialThe Eiffel Tower. The Eiffel Tower is the most internationally recognized symbol of France.The Arc de Triomphe.Notre-Dame.The Baguette.The Mont Saint-Michel.The Louvre Museum.The Ratatouille.The Palace of Versailles.

What is Paris famous for

What Is Paris Famous ForFamous Monuments. Eiffel Tower. Paris is known for its gorgeous, imposing monuments.Shopping. Avenue des Champs-Élysées.The Arts. Opera Garnier.Museums. Louvre.Holy Sites. Notre-Dame Cathedral.The Seine. Seine.Cuisine. French cuisine.

Who owns the Mona Lisa today

It was acquired by King Francis I of France and is now the property of the French Republic. It has been on permanent display at the Louvre in Paris since 1797.

How much is the Mona Lisa worth

The Mona Lisa is priceless. Any speculative price (some say over a billion dollars!) would probably be so high that not one person would be able or willing to purchase and maintain the painting. Moreover, the Louvre Museum would probably never sell it.

Why was the 1920s fun

It was called the Roaring 20s or Jazz Age because people liked to drink alcohol, listen to jazz music and wear nice clothes. People were no longer focused on the hardships of war. They were more interested in famous people like sports heroes and movie stars.

What was Paris like in the 1700s

Despite the grandeur of the new monuments, the center of the city at the beginning of the 18th century was overcrowded, dark, unhealthy, and had little light, air, or drinking water.

Is France a country of love

France is Offically the Most Romantic Country in the World. France is one of the most visited countries in the world and with good reason; it is a country that caters to young couples looking to celebrate their love.

What is France rich in

Tourism, manufacturing, and pharmaceuticals lead France's diversified economy. The government has partially or fully privatized many large companies but maintains a strong presence in such sectors as power, public transport, and defense.

What is Paris most famous

It is known worldwide for the Louvre Museum, Notre-Dame cathedral, and the Eiffel tower. It has a reputation of being a romantic and cultural city. The city is also known for its high-quality gastronomy and the terraces of its cafés.

Why is Paris the most beautiful city

Monumental squares, centuries-old churches, famous boulevards, the Seine and romantic bridges that cross it, magnificent palaces, and Montmartre's cobblestone streets make Paris the most glamorous and elegant of all cities.

Can you buy the real Mona Lisa

Truly priceless, the painting cannot be bought or sold according to French heritage law. As part of the Louvre collection, "Mona Lisa" belongs to the public, and by popular agreement, their hearts belong to her.

How much is la Mona Lisa worth

The Mona Lisa is priceless. Any speculative price (some say over a billion dollars!) would probably be so high that not one person would be able or willing to purchase and maintain the painting. Moreover, the Louvre Museum would probably never sell it.

Who owns the Mona Lisa

The Mona Lisa hangs behind bulletproof glass in a gallery of the Louvre Museum in Paris, where it has been a part of the museum's collection since 1804. It was part of the royal collection before becoming the property of the French people during the Revolution (1787–99).

What is the most expensive art in the world

Salvator Mundi by Leonardo da Vinci

Salvator Mundi, translated to “Savior of the World,” is not only the world's most expensive painting—it's possibly the most controversial painting, as well.

Was the 1920s good or bad

But the 1920s were an age of extreme contradiction. The unmatched prosperity and cultural advancement was accompanied by intense social unrest and reaction. The same decade that bore witness to urbanism and modernism also introduced the Ku Klux Klan, Prohibition, nativism, and religious fundamentalism.

What did kids do in the 1920

Other childhood pastimes included listening to the wireless, board games such as Ludo and Snakes and Ladders, playing with toy trains (Hornby), toy aeroplanes, dolls and dolls houses. Boys and girls could also join the Cubs, Brownies, Boy or Girl Scouts. Trips to the cinema were very popular.

What was France like in the 13th century

During the twelfth and thirteenth centuries, French power, culture and authority began to pass from rural monastic centers to cities and the royal court. Paris became the artistic and commercial hub of the kingdom, as well as its administrative and judicial center.

What if Paris fell in 1914

If Paris had fallen in 1914 – which is a big if considering Germany's already stretched forces – the French would likely have sued for some form of peace rather than continue fighting. At this stage, the war had not become the devastating conflict it is now known as so a quick peace is not so hard to imagine.

Is France the nicest country

France is widely acknowledged to be one of the most beautiful countries in Europe, offering a much more relaxed lifestyle than any other country in the World. Life in general is much cheaper, the weather is nice and moderate, food is tastier and healthier and the health system is ranked as the Best in the World.

Is France a male or female country


As a general rule, countries that end in -e are feminine: la France, l'Angleterre, la Chine, l'Argentine, l'Algérie, la Colombie, la Mauritanie, l'Inde.